Friday, September 30, 2005

Fun and Games with Radiohead

I think all of my favorite bands should follow RADIOHEAD's lead and start their own blogs. There's nothing better than reading the incredibly random thoughts of genius musicians at work, or in this case, geniuses avoiding work. It's always fun to see pictures like this one of your idols clearly drunk and lost in the middle of the woods at night while they are supposed to be recording an album. Obviously all those who say Thom has no sense of humor are jealous blasphemes. Or possibly Coldplay fans.

A Little Something for P

Pauline needs a little cheering up today and I thought this lovely picture of her boy Shawn from Stellastarr* would maybe do the trick (ok, it won't, but it's something pretty to look at). He's no Paul Banks, but he does have a Robert Smith circa 1979 thing going on that I'm kind of digging. Also, he seems very tall, perfect for my P!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

101 Degrees

Yes kids, that is the high temp in Los Angeles today. Right now it's 96 and feels so thick I can't even stand to be outside for more than 5 minutes. Unfortunately the heat and dryness are creating scary fires again. I miss my New York Fall days.

In happier news, LOST was fantastic last night. I even figured out what number 108 means (thanks to some column I read this morning). If anyone's interested, it's the sum of the lottery numbers that keep popping up. Freaky. Eric and I also caught the fact that the shark that almost ate Sawyer had the weird symbol from the hatch on its belly. We paused and did it very slowly and there it was. Even Freakier.

I also want to thank all of my friends who have pointed out that my feet will swell from the pregnancy so best not to get the $1265 boots in the below post. Listen people, if I wanted reality I wouldn't have asked for someone to buy me thousand dollar crocodile boots.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I want these boots. I've been obsessing over them since I saw a picture from the Dior runway show back in the spring. I do recognize the fact that at $1,265.00 a pair, they might be slightly out of my price range. But hey, if anyone feels the need to get them for me as a gift, I'm a size 38.

Why, Why, Why...

...are there so many bad shows on TV this season? We gave a good amount of them a shot but my lord, it's as if all the writers have lost their brains. Or perhaps all network execs think the American public has lost their brains. Who knows, but I will give a list of the new shows Eric and I watched and our reactions to each. I think you will notice a pattern:

PRISON BREAK - I heard all these great things about this show and it stars the guy that played the devil on the last two episodes of JOAN OF ARCADIA (rest in peace) so we were both rather excited about this. We should have known better when Brett Ratner's name appeared in the credits. It really has to be one of the most implausible story lines I've ever seen and some of the worst acting to boot. I don't think we actually got through the entire pilot because it was just too painful.

BONES - I was never super confident in this one, but it has David "Angel" Boreanaz so we had to give it a try. It completely rips off the whole X-Files thing but again, the stories are just so ridiculous. Oh, and once they started showing the CSI: Miami type office sets they completely lost me. Oh, oh, oh, and they had a 5 minute musical montage with some random slow love song as the lead chick dissected a skeleton. That was it for us.

SUPERNATURAL - It's trying to be (yes, again) an X-Files for the teen set, and it does have a similar creepy atmospheric look, but the acting and the writing are again so bad that it's hard to watch. I mean, I lived through Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls for years and always cringed when he spoke, but now he's in almost every scene!! Eric likes this one a bit more than me, but I think he will be watching on his own.

SURFACE - All of a sudden, all over the globe, people are discovering sea monsters that like to kill people. Or are they aliens? Or even better, did the government create them? So many questions but so little interest in finding out the answers. Eric kind of liked it because he feels it has a Spielberg quality. Sadly, that is no incentive for me. With all the characters involved, could they not find at least one person who could actually act????

INVASION - I will say off the bat that I actually kind of liked this one. It's not amazing but it is creepy and SOME (I stress that) of the acting is pretty good. Oddly, it is also about weird alien things that seem to live in the water, but I think they actually inhabit the bodies of humans, kind of like V, so it's a bit more interesting. Now if they could just take the little girl out of the plot, because she is truly irritating. I thought Eric was going to reach into the TV and strangle her.

REUNION - Another premise that was so promising. Six best friends from high school are brought back together 20 years later when one of them is killed. Each episode shows a different year, starting in 1986 at their HS graduation and leading up to the 20th reunion. Also in each episode is a snippet of what happened after the murder and the cop who is investigating. All the actors are very pretty, but none can actually act. And in the first year alone there's a fatal car accident, one kid goes to jail because he is covering for another friend, a girl gets pregnant and abandons her college plans to have the kid...and I thought I had an interesting group of friends. It was all just so silly.

Well, that's all we've watched so far. I still need to catch KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, COMMANDER IN CHIEF, MY NAME IS EARL, RELATED and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I've heard good things about each of them, but as is evidenced by the group I just described, hype means absolutely nothing.

Now onto the sadest part of this week's TV experience. So far my three favorite shows have had incredibly bad episodes. The wit, charm, and humor I have come to know and love from all of them went right out the window. Maybe all the writers went on a mini-strike the week these were produced. All I know is that it's a sad state of affairs when the three best shows on TV have such uneven episodes. I looovvveee ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT but the story was quite weak and some of the jokes just fell completely flat. Now, I am sure it will redeem itself next week, but other than the chicken dance thing, I was not amused. I was telling myself to relax since I had Tuesday to look forward to with both GILMORE and HOUSE but alas, both shows kind of sucked. If Rory doesn't snap out of her incredibly annoying attitude problem I may just stop watching GILMORE. Even her hottie boyfriend Logan is bored with her. And it just isn't the same having Lorelai and Rory apart. PLEASE have them reconcile soon, it really is starting to hurt the show. Now on to HOUSE, why would they think we needed an entire episode devoted to Cuddy and her feelings of inadequacies next to House? And is it just me or were there scenes in the show that seemed like they were from another episode. It was so uneven in tone and acting that I told Eric to fast forward through parts of it because I couldn't stand to watch. To add insult to injury, there won't be another HOUSE episode until after the baseball NOVEMBER!! Let's hope the writers get some inspiration between now and then and start doing the work I know they are capable of.

Thank god we have LOST tonight or I just don't know what I would do with myself!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Time

There are a few reasons I decided to start a blog. First and foremost, I live in Los Angeles with my husband while all of my friends and family live in various other cities (like New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, etc.) and I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone up to date with what is going on in my little world. The second reason is that, to be perfectly honest, I'm a little bored and want something new to do. I've been out of work since March and am now 4 and a half months pregnant and therefore not looking for a job, so I need something to occupy my day. Lastly, there has been so much going on in my life as well as in the greater world that I feel there is finally enough content to fill a blog.

What has been happening, you may ask? Well, for one thing, in the last two years I got married (today is our anniversary!), moved with my husband from New York to LA without either of us having a job, found a job that I liked but did not love, lost said job 11 months later, watched my aspiring screenwriter husband first have a screenplay optioned and second find a manager, and finally after almost a year of trying (and trying), I became pregnant. And that's just what happened to me personally. It's been a great two years for most of my friends and family with weddings and births and new jobs and other successes, it's finally a time when we are all coming into our own, and it's very exciting.

So from now on you should hopefully hear from me on a daily basis discussing life, movies, music and anything else that comes to mind. Speaking of, everyone who lives in New York City should go see FORTY SHADES OF BLUE, which opens tomorrow. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year and has gotten rave reviews. My very good friend Jawal is one of the producers and the film itself is a quiet, sad and beautiful film worthy of your attention. It will open in LA in October at the NuArt so all LAers should see it then.