Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So Much to Be Thankful For!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! While we were away, Andrea and Mike became parents to beautiful daughter Ava (seen here with her brother Burkley, my favorite dog in the world!). Although she's a teeny tiny thing, Ava is healthy and happy and gorgeous, just like her mom! Congrats to the whole family!

Congratulations also to Lisa & Louie who have a new baby boy to join baby Jack. Little Alex was born on Thanksgiving Day and is a healthy addition to the Perry family!

In other baby related news, I just realized I'm hitting my third trimester tomorrow and I'm a bit panicked about all I need to do. I have to buy furniture, clothes, diapers, monitors, etc, etc, etc! Thank God I have friends to tell me what I absolutely need and what can wait. I ordered the stroller this morning and already received the car seat and BabyBjorn from my darling sister and her hubby (thanks guys!!!) so I'm getting in shape. Both the babies listed above were born early so now I'm in rush mode to try and get everything in case Baby K decides to appear ahead of schedule.

Congrats again to the new parents!! What a great way to start the holidays!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, we are off to Florida tomorrow for our Thanksgiving vacation with Eric's family. Although I hate the fact that we have to fly to get there, I am very much looking forward to relaxing on the beach with my husband and seeing lots and lots of movies.

Speaking of, we saw HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE yesterday and let me tell you, it was fantastic. Now, I was worried about the Mike Newell direction since I haven't really loved any of his films (well, ok, I did love FOUR WEDDINGS when it came out but I've since seen the issues with it). Anyway, once I read all the incredibly positive reviews I felt better and I must say, I think it was even better than Alfonso Cuaron's PRISONER OF AZKABAN. It was VERY dark and quite scary (I don't think kids should be seeing this film but apparently I'm not in the majority since there were plenty in our theater) but at the same time really funny and entertaining. I won't say anything to ruin it, but I recommend everyone see this film, if you haven't already. It's made over $100 million in three days so they must be doing something right.

On to even happier news, my oldest and dearest friend Andrea will be giving birth to her first baby tomorrow and although I'll be traveling the whole day I will be checking in with her on my layover and thinking of her the entire time. As she said to me today, I shouldn't be so nervous on the plane ride since her experience will be much more painful and scary. Good luck André, I love you!!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOMMY!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fertile Myrtles!!

Yes kids, it's true, these three ladies will all be mothers in a few months, ending nights like the one documented in the above picture of partying all over downtown Manhattan only to end up dancing atop the bar at Automatic Slims. With the news that not only Andrea and I are pregnant, but now Mary too, we must hang up our dancing shoes to devote ourselves to raising well adjusted children who will hopefully never dance on bar tops, unless it's Automatic Slims, or take drunken pictures at 5 AM on some unknown West Village street. So congrats to Mary and Jon and little baby Ammirati, we are so excited for you!!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Good Weeekend

Happy Monday to you all. We had a great weekend of shopping and movie watching, my two favorite activities, as well as brunching and dinner out of the house...it was all so exciting. I was able to show Eric our soon-to-be nursery furniture and stroller (all of which he approved) and got to see nearly naked Jake Gyllenhaal in JARHEAD! What could be better? Oh, and we finally saw GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK and it was worth the wait. That George Clooney can direct a movie, I tell you. Here are the reviews:

JARHEAD - Since I thought the trailer was absolute genius and I think Sam Mendes if a fine director, I was thinking this movie would be brilliant. It wasn't. It wasn't bad or anything, it just disappointed me in that it was pretty much non-political and there were some story holes that I just couldn't get over. But it has some good acting, beautiful cinematography and a full frontal shot of Jake (though I swear it was shadowed but Eric says it wasn't). It also had a scene with the boys drunkenly singing OPP, which brought me back to 1991 in a big way. I recommend the movie, but be warned, it is not a masterpiece.

GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK - I had only read positive things about this film but that can often mean I will be disappointed when I finally see it (i.e. A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) but I am not exaggerating when I say it is one of the best films I've seen in many months. The directing was so confident I couldn't believe it was the same person who made CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. The acting was amazing across the board, it looked gorgeous and the subject matter, though taking place 50 years ago, was very relevant to today's political landscape. I highly recommend you all run out to your local art house and catch this.

In other exciting movie news, you know your movie is destined for greatness when it's in a post on the DRUDGE REPORT. Yup, the home of conservative crap-ola has a lovely little article with some woman from Wyoming complaining that a film saying there might actually have been gay cowboys in her state should never have been made because clearly, there are absolutely no gays in all of Wyoming, damnit. Well, sorry sweetheart, but BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has definitely been made and it's going to be HUGE so deal with it. And although I was not a fan of the trailer the first time I saw it, I have found myself all choked up each time I see it in a theater. I know I'm all hormonal and everything but that shot of Heath holding Jake's shirt on the hanger gets me every time. God, I can't wait for December 9th.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I LOVE NY Politics

So I was doing my daily gossip read and my fav blog GAWKER has a post about a new political ad released by Freddy Ferrer, the Democratic mayoral candidate running against (and very far behind) current mayor Bloomberg. Now, I kind of like Bloomie, he's not Giuliani, but he did make all the people stop smoking in bars and I appreciated that. This ad, however, is hysterical. You must watch the whole thing and really pay attention to where Bloomie's hand moves and what Bush's legs do once the hands get to a certain spot. If I was still a NYC resident I would vote for this guy just because he had the balls (pardon the pun) to put out this ad!