Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's Christmas Week!!!

You would think that since I'm not employed I would have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done way early. Sadly, this is not the case. I realized how much I still had to get done yesterday and frantically tried to order as much online as possible without spending too much on expedited shipping. I also made the brilliant decision to hit the Beverly Center (ick) and then try to get to Best Buy so that I could finish buying for my sister and brother-in-law. Well, I tried and failed to find a parking spot at Best Buy for a good 20 minutes when I finally gave up and waited another 20 minutes to get out of the damn parking lot. After that hellish experience I decided I was done going to stores and would have to just suck up the extra shipping fees and order everything. I am finally finished with all the family and friends but I still have a few small things to get for Hubby. Thankfully none involve malls or major shopping destinations.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that someone actually got me to go to Las Vegas. I had sworn it off but Bethy B requested we all meet there to celebrate her master's degree and although I pleaded my case everyone told me I was a terrible friend so Eric and I relented and took a nice drive to Sin City. It was really great seeing everyone but I feel very strongly that there is no need for me to ever go back. On the up side, I did win $150 at a slot machine. Chris came back the mega winner, having won $1000 his first night and then another $1000 the next day. I begged him to take us all to see the Celine Dion show but he wouldn't do it...selfish bastard! The best part was getting to see all the cheerleaders who were there for the national championship! It was like BRING IT ON right in front of our eyes! So I survived Las Vegas, but it is not a place I ever want to visit again.

And finally, I want to let all my NYC friends know that I am thinking of them during this crazy transit strike. I wish I could have gone on strike when I was working, since apparently their starting salaries are what I made in my last position, and that was after having gone to school for 4 years followed by more school followed by 9 years of work experience and many years of 12 hour work days. But I'm sure working behind a token booth is quite taxing too. Bah Humbug.

Friday, December 16, 2005


We finally got into a screening of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN this afternoon and let me just tell you, it was worth the wait. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and I am so proud of Ang. I actually cried for a good long while, which is odd for me since I'm not a movie-crier. There are two scenes in particular, towards the end, that are just so perfectly directed and emotionally devastating that I think it deserves the Oscar just for them. I truly hope people aren't afraid to see it because they think it will be too preachy or have too many gay sex scenes. In all honesty, it's just an amazing tragic love story, the fact that they are gay is almost inconsequential and there are far less sex scenes in it than in most films today (really, there is just one). So anyone who is looking to see a beautiful love story that will make you truly appreciate what you have in this life, should go see this film.

One last thought, for all of you ex-GMers, you know it's a great film when even Jawal is happy that James might win an Oscar...can you even imagine that speech???

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



The Globes Get it Right and other Shocking News

Finally, a year when the Hollywood Foreign Press got some taste! Normally I wake up on the day the nominations are announced and prepare to be bitterly disappointed (exhibit A, all the MILLION DOLLAR BABY awards from last year), however this morning I was greeted by a list so good I almost cried. Of the 5 Best Drama nominees I've seen 3 and will see a 4th on Friday (BROKEBACK) and the 5th when it is released on Christmas (MATCH POINT). I actually really liked the three that I've seen so far (CONSTANT GARDENER, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, and HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) but my heart is hoping that BROKEBACK will be as amazing as I think it will be and that it will win. The best part of this list is that CRASH is not on it. For some reason that is completely beyond me, critics have loved that film (much like MILLION DOLLAR BABY) and I was expecting it to get a nomination even though I thought it was one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. Thankfully I was spared seeing it listed and will not have to hear much more about it this year.

Moving on to the nominations for Best Musical or Comedy, I've seen 2 of the 5 and liked them both (I actually loved SQUID AND THE WHALE and liked WALK THE LINE - if not for the performances I don't think it would have stuck with me). I read the script for MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS but have yet to see it, and not sure I will but I do plan on seeing PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and THE PRODUCERS. I'm rooting for SQUID because it was so damn good and Noah Baumbach deserves this success.

As for the acting awards, etc., I don't have much to complain about, though I wish Noah had been nominated for screenplay since he's winning awards for it all over the place.

I haven't looked at the TV stuff much but I know ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT wasn't nominated, which is a crime. However I'm so happy with the film stuff I refuse to be angry.

So, to wrap up, it's a good day for indie film and a great day for film lovers in general. I'm a happy girl, even if I'm still BROKEBACKless.

For a complete list of the nominees, you can click HERE

Friday, December 09, 2005

Brokeback Breakdown

So, I woke up in a very good mood today since it's Eric's birthday and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN opened in LA today. I started to feel sick during the morning so I took a nap so that I would feel better for our afternoon movie and our birthday dinner at Pace. I worked through my desires to vomit while blowdrying my hair and ordered tickets on moviefone for the 2:20 showtime. I get all the way to the last stage of ordering and it looked like it had gone through, though the page didn't load completely but since I had pressed "confirm" I thought all was fine. NOT SO MUCH. We get to the ONE theater in LA that is showing it and it's already crowded and I see that all the shows are selling out. I go up to the kiosk, put my credit card through and it says I don't have any tickets. UM, EXCUSE ME? I try again, same thing. Eric tries his card, same thing. We go to the customer service desk and she gets the same thing. Then she says there are exactly 2 seats left for the 2:20 show and we can have them. Of course when she tries to order them it comes up as SOLD OUT. I'm feeling particularly hormonal (and nauseous) today and so I kid you not, I almost cried. I was pissed at Moviefone, I was pissed at the theater, I was pissed at Focus Features for only putting it in one freaking theater in all of LA...needless to say, I think I scared my poor husband. He was very sweet and explained that we could see it tomorrow, which of course I realize, but I'm still wanting to cry. Bless his heart, he didn't tell me to relax and get over it and just deal, instead he was very considerate and loving. So now I'm back home, being denied the first chance to see a movie I've waited for a year and a half to see, waiting for my husband who is taking a VERY long time to get back from a place that is only 20 minutes away. I don't know if I'm more upset that I can't see what I know will be the best damn love story ever, or if my husband may have fled in fear for his life and I won't see him until after the baby is born and my hormones calm down.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bad Friend

Poor Josephine not only has the stomach flu, but had to remind me that today is in fact December 1st, which as we all know is her birthday. I am blaming my pregnancy but it's probably just the fact that December is way too early this year.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO JO, I wish you a speedy recovery and much love on the big 3-2.