Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cathcing Up

I haven't written in a while so I thought I would do a catch up post. First of all, I never wrote about my excitement over the BROKEBACK wins at both the Golden Globes and the Producer's Guild Awards! This means it will not only get a best picture nomination for the Oscar's but will quite likely win!!!! Fingers crossed everyone. I also have to give props to James for his acceptance speech at the Globes. It was humble and kind and he sounded genuinely surprised to have won. We were all proud of our old boss! I just need him to not wear the dorky bow tie he wears everyday...please let the publicity people at Focus force him to put on a real tux with a real tie for the Oscars. I also loved Ang's speech. He's such a quiet man in everyday life that I get surprised when he actually speaks, but he just seems so happy about the film and its success that his excitement is infectious.

Now on to my growing anxiety about all I have to accomplish in 5 weeks before the big day. Although we bought all our nursery furniture, it is sitting in boxes in the room that I've discovered is much smaller than I had thought and once it's all put together there won't be much room to move around. Good thing the child will only be in the crib and not running around the place! So on top of having to put the nursery together I need to decide on bedding, which for some reason is driving me insane, then I have to buy curtains and a big curtain to put in the doorway between our room and the babies room since there isn't an actual door. We also need to install a dimmer on the light in the nursery so that I don't wake Eric up when I go in to nurse at night. Did I mention I need to buy diapers and burp clothes and towels and a sound monitor and bottles and bottle cleaners and nursing bras and install the car seat and learn how to work my stroller...aaaahhhh. The one thing I do know is that I will not be going back to Babies R Us since it is the most frustrating store I've ever been to with the worst staff EVER. Camille says BuyBuyBaby is a much better store but they are only on the East Coast so that's not so helpful. I'll just have to order everything that I can't find at Target (the best store ever).

OK, I think I feel better having gotten that all out of my system. I know it will all get done and all will be perfect, blah blah blah, I just get a little hyper. I'm from New York, give me a break! Well I'm off to the gym to try and de-stress a little more and after that we will tackle the crib and changing table. I know my husband is just sooooo excited about that.

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