Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind...

As I was driving home from Whole Foods after having just spoken to my oldest and dearest friend Andrea, what should I hear but Alphaville's "Forever Young" (the slow version to boot!)...the song that we (and when I say we I mean Andrea, Mary, Heather and myself) all screamed out the window of our Senior Trip hotel room while watching the boys across the courtyard who were walking around in their underwear knowing full well all the girls were spying. That song always brings back such great memories and it's even all the more funny that I spoke with both Mary and Andrea today and emailed with Heather. I was going to attach a picture from said trip, showcasing our keen fashion sense (anyone remember tucking and rolling the jeans??!!!) as well as our complete dorkiness (why I took a picture of Ed, Mary and Andrea eating sandwiches at the Zoo I will never know) however our scanner isn't hooked up so I guess I will save all my friends from major embarrassment. I just hope that baby meets a group of friends who support and love her as much as mine have done for me over the last 15 years. Oh my god, not only am I super sappy today, but I just realized how old we are!

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