Friday, January 20, 2006

Who Said Chivarly Is Dead?

I love when people prove me wrong. Case in point, Heath Ledger. I was walking to my yoga studio today and I see this guy outside on his phone and I'm thinking, that looks kind of like Heath Ledger. Well, as I get closer I realize it is in fact the star of my favorite movie from this year, however I didn't get too excited because A) He's not nearly as cute as he used to be & B) He always kind of struck me as a jerk. As I approached the door and he was going in ahead of me not only did he hold the door instead of letting it close before I got in, but he purposefully came back out to hold it so that I could enter first. Now, I'm a jaded New Yorker so this not only shocked me, it also warmed my cold brittle heart. So once inside I had to wait for another class to let out before the prenatal class began and as I chatted with one of the other moms to be, out walks Michelle Williams from her yoga class. The girl is tiiinnnnyy and luminously beautiful in person, even after just having given birth. Heath was waiting for her and he came right over as she was headed towards the exit and gave her a huge hug and they both just smiled and melted together. I swear I almost fell in love with both of them on the spot.

So the lesson learned is that not all actors are bastards, even if they come across that way in interviews, and apparently they can have really good relationships that make them blissfully happy, just like us normal folks.

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