Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Thanks to their blog we now know that Radiohead are back in the studio and it looks like they are working hard. I had heard they would be doing some shows here in June but that seems a little too soon so I'm hoping the album will come out in the fall followed by a tour in winter and maybe we could actually be comfortable with getting a babysitter by then and go to the show! As most of you know, there is little else in life that makes me happier than a Radiohead concert. I dance, I sing, I stare longingly at's really the perfect evening for me. It's been almost two years since hubby, Cel and I dragged ourselves in the 100 degree desert heat to Coachella just to see them and although the drive and the weather made life slightly miserable, once the sun went down and they started playing "There, There" I was happy as a clam. Even Baby likes their music (evidenced by her jumping around in the belly when we watched a concert on TV) so I think she will understand if mommy and daddy need to sneak away one night to watch them. So here's to hoping that they finish the album by the end of spring and get it out in fall for all to enjoy.

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