Thursday, June 29, 2006


Rory has made it to her 4 month birthday and we couldn't be more proud. She suffered through her shots like a champ and was told that she can now eat rice cereal and mashed up veggies and fruit...she's growing up so quickly! We will hit another milestone tomorrow when we leave her with Jen while we attend the Radiohead concert. Good luck to us all!!


Anonymous said...

Rory is so cute! I hope I get to catch up with you guys in NY. Have a blast at Radiohead.

Also, I agree that Madonna is talented (I was very anti-Madonna until Truth or Dare came out). Oh, and yay gay marriage! Hmmm.... any other blogs to respond to.... I'd like to f*** her on the tennis court if you know what I mean. :O)


Simone said...

Very cute. Love the outfit. She's a classy girl.

Looking forward to hearing what you thought of the Radiohead show!