Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind...

As I was driving home from Whole Foods after having just spoken to my oldest and dearest friend Andrea, what should I hear but Alphaville's "Forever Young" (the slow version to boot!)...the song that we (and when I say we I mean Andrea, Mary, Heather and myself) all screamed out the window of our Senior Trip hotel room while watching the boys across the courtyard who were walking around in their underwear knowing full well all the girls were spying. That song always brings back such great memories and it's even all the more funny that I spoke with both Mary and Andrea today and emailed with Heather. I was going to attach a picture from said trip, showcasing our keen fashion sense (anyone remember tucking and rolling the jeans??!!!) as well as our complete dorkiness (why I took a picture of Ed, Mary and Andrea eating sandwiches at the Zoo I will never know) however our scanner isn't hooked up so I guess I will save all my friends from major embarrassment. I just hope that baby meets a group of friends who support and love her as much as mine have done for me over the last 15 years. Oh my god, not only am I super sappy today, but I just realized how old we are!

Happy Yet Sad

Yeeaaaah, BROKEBACK received 8 Oscar nominations including Best Picture.

BOOOOOOOO, CRASH received 6 nominations including Best Picture while my beloved SQUID AND THE WHALE and MATCH POINT only received one each (both for screenplay). Because obviously the Academy is full of total morons.

Once again, I ask you to visit DEFAMER since their comments always perk me up (example, in giving a list of all the deserving people and films shut out by the CRASH coup they cleverly write "Of course, there are others, but we don’t want the negativity tainting our utterly pure and righteous anger over Crash’s success."). AMEN, brother.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cathcing Up

I haven't written in a while so I thought I would do a catch up post. First of all, I never wrote about my excitement over the BROKEBACK wins at both the Golden Globes and the Producer's Guild Awards! This means it will not only get a best picture nomination for the Oscar's but will quite likely win!!!! Fingers crossed everyone. I also have to give props to James for his acceptance speech at the Globes. It was humble and kind and he sounded genuinely surprised to have won. We were all proud of our old boss! I just need him to not wear the dorky bow tie he wears everyday...please let the publicity people at Focus force him to put on a real tux with a real tie for the Oscars. I also loved Ang's speech. He's such a quiet man in everyday life that I get surprised when he actually speaks, but he just seems so happy about the film and its success that his excitement is infectious.

Now on to my growing anxiety about all I have to accomplish in 5 weeks before the big day. Although we bought all our nursery furniture, it is sitting in boxes in the room that I've discovered is much smaller than I had thought and once it's all put together there won't be much room to move around. Good thing the child will only be in the crib and not running around the place! So on top of having to put the nursery together I need to decide on bedding, which for some reason is driving me insane, then I have to buy curtains and a big curtain to put in the doorway between our room and the babies room since there isn't an actual door. We also need to install a dimmer on the light in the nursery so that I don't wake Eric up when I go in to nurse at night. Did I mention I need to buy diapers and burp clothes and towels and a sound monitor and bottles and bottle cleaners and nursing bras and install the car seat and learn how to work my stroller...aaaahhhh. The one thing I do know is that I will not be going back to Babies R Us since it is the most frustrating store I've ever been to with the worst staff EVER. Camille says BuyBuyBaby is a much better store but they are only on the East Coast so that's not so helpful. I'll just have to order everything that I can't find at Target (the best store ever).

OK, I think I feel better having gotten that all out of my system. I know it will all get done and all will be perfect, blah blah blah, I just get a little hyper. I'm from New York, give me a break! Well I'm off to the gym to try and de-stress a little more and after that we will tackle the crib and changing table. I know my husband is just sooooo excited about that.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Who Said Chivarly Is Dead?

I love when people prove me wrong. Case in point, Heath Ledger. I was walking to my yoga studio today and I see this guy outside on his phone and I'm thinking, that looks kind of like Heath Ledger. Well, as I get closer I realize it is in fact the star of my favorite movie from this year, however I didn't get too excited because A) He's not nearly as cute as he used to be & B) He always kind of struck me as a jerk. As I approached the door and he was going in ahead of me not only did he hold the door instead of letting it close before I got in, but he purposefully came back out to hold it so that I could enter first. Now, I'm a jaded New Yorker so this not only shocked me, it also warmed my cold brittle heart. So once inside I had to wait for another class to let out before the prenatal class began and as I chatted with one of the other moms to be, out walks Michelle Williams from her yoga class. The girl is tiiinnnnyy and luminously beautiful in person, even after just having given birth. Heath was waiting for her and he came right over as she was headed towards the exit and gave her a huge hug and they both just smiled and melted together. I swear I almost fell in love with both of them on the spot.

So the lesson learned is that not all actors are bastards, even if they come across that way in interviews, and apparently they can have really good relationships that make them blissfully happy, just like us normal folks.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Since most of my friends have yet to see me preggers, and the belly is growing steadily by the day, I thought I'd share a photo to prove I really am with child. Only 6 and a half weeks to go! Last night we watched a lovely birth video in our class that was shot circa 1985 with a cast that included a husband who Eric decided looked like a serial killer. Being the mature adults that we are, we both started laughing uncontrollably and I ended up having to leave the room for fear they would kick me out of the class. The best part was seeing the actual child come out, which I'm sorry, should not be shown to people who are going to have to do that in a few weeks! I don't want to know, let's just get there and get it over with instead of having this horrible image running through my head from now until March 1st. The instructor did tell the men they have to do lots of massaging and other things to make us relax while in labor, which was nice, however when she was demonstrating ways for the woman to move her body to relieve pain and help the baby get into position she added moaning sound effects that once again made me laugh. So all in all the class was mildly disturbing while at the same time, kind of hysterical. Totally worth the cash, I'm sure.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Thanks to the Criterion Gods, one of my all time favorite films, Whit Stillman's METROPOLITAN, will be released as a Criterion DVD on February 14th. Apparently there will be commentary and other special features! You can pre-order it on Amazon HERE or wait for Valentine's Day to buy it for that special someone. I, of course, have pre-ordered because I know I'll forget that it's coming out in about two days. Now if only KICKING AND SCREAMING would get a DVD release, I would be such a happy girl.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Laughing Through My Tears

Today came the news that one of the worst films of the year has been nominated by both the Writer's Guild and Producer's Guild for best screenplay and picture, respectively. What this means is that it will almost certainly be nominated for an Oscar and could, if the Academy does what is usually does and screws up big time, win the Oscar for Best Picture. Now, I tend not to get really upset by nominations, and this year I have to admit is exciting because so many good movies are being nominated, but honest to god, CRASH is a BAD MOVIE. What's worse, it tries to sell itself as an amazing movie. But it's BAD. I would venture to say it was far worse than MILLION DOLLAR BABY. So what's a girl to do when such news is sprung upon her?

Read DEFAMER and laugh your ass off at their coverage of this scandal. Oh how I love them so. If not for their witty (ok, some might say obnoxious) reporting, I might have to stick my head in the oven.

So go to them right now and learn a little something about bringing in humor when all hope is gone.

Monday, January 02, 2006

List Update

So we saw MUNICH and MATCH POINT and while MUNICH won't be making my top ten list, MATCH POINT will, which means EDUKATORS gets knocked off since I think MATCH POINT is a better film. It was highly entertaining, fantastic acting and the best part is that it didn't feel at all like a "Woody Allen Movie."

Just to clarify, I didn't hate MUNICH, it just didn't grab me emotionally and it was way too long. I did like the acting very much but as with every Spielberg film, he ruins the end by making it painfully heavy handed. It did give me a new appreciation for Eric Bana, so it wasn't all bad.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another Top 10 List

Since it’s New Year’s Day and I keep reading everyone else’s “Best Movies of 2005” lists, I thought I’d do one of my own. Some of the films will be ones that I saw at festivals and haven’t come out yet, but since I feel like there was a lack of quality films until about October, I need to pull from every source.

In no particular order, except the first film is my favorite:

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (I’ve written so much about this, I think you can all understand my feelings by now.)

GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK (Smart, beautifully acted and timely. And yes people, it is possible to make a film that is less than 2 hours!!)

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE (Pure Noah, but at the same time, such a leap in terms of maturity and story telling. I just loved every second of it.)

THE DYING GAUL (Well, the entire movie up until the very end, but it was so good until that point I have to add it)

WHY WE FIGHT (A fantastic documentary out of Sundance that I believe is being released in 2006. Intelligently shows the American need for war and the underlying reasons why we engage in battle.)

BRICK (Another Sundance movie that will be released in 2006. I hope they cut about 20 minutes, but it’s an incredibly cool teenage film constructed like a 1930s noir.)

MYSTERIOUS SKIN (Like SQUID, this was a giant leap for Greg Araki, and a truly disturbing look at the effects of child abuse.)

BATMAN BEGINS (On par with THE BOURNE IDENTITY in terms of smart action films. And let’s be honest, Christian is just HOT. If only they cut that last scene with Katie Holmes doing her best DAWSON’S CREEK, or maybe every scene with Katie, it would have been nearly perfect.)

THE EDUKATORS (It’s not a perfect film, but I loved its energy. Also, I’m a sucker for Daniel Bruhl, so that may have added to the enjoyment.)

THE CONSTANT GARDENER (Painful to watch but so well constructed and acted, it was one of the first films I saw this year that really had an impact on me.)


Films I haven’t seen yet so could not count: 2046, CAPOTE, MUNICH, MATCH POINT, GRIZZLY MAN, CACHE, KEANE, THE BEST OF YOUTH.

Film I hated but for some reason so many critics loved: CRASH (I’m sorry, but not only is it not a good film-too many stories, too many people, not nearly enough character development-but it’s so PC it turns back around to being racist.)

**UPDATE: We saw MUNICH and all I have to say is...not so much.