Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting Ready

So I am now officially one week away from my due date and I have to say it's obvious my body is getting ready. I've had what are called Braxton Hicks contractions for the last three nights and although they aren't the "real thing" that will bring labor they do prepare your uterus for the real deal and that means we are one step closer. I'm also getting much more tired and less interested in going out and doing things. I was so exhausted today that I had to go back to bed two hours after I got up in the morning and stayed there until 1pm. At that point I got up, showered, ate some lunch, im'd with some friends and then plopped myself on the couch and pretty much stayed there the rest of the day and night. I literally had no energy to do much more than eat and read Vogue and that hasn't really happened since my first trimester. I'm hoping this was just the effect of being very busy yesterday (I had a doctor's appointment, a lunch date and I made dinner for our friends and stayed up until 11pm!) and not something that will be happening every day until labor kicks in. I really want to continue with my yoga and cardio and just get myself outside to enjoy the nice weather before I'm more confined to the house once Baby is here. In any case, I can feel that things are going on in the body and have a feeling I won't be pregnant for very much longer. It's such a strange thought to know that someday soon I won't have a bump but will actually have a human being who I'm responsible for! It's all so terrifyingly exciting.


Thanks to their blog we now know that Radiohead are back in the studio and it looks like they are working hard. I had heard they would be doing some shows here in June but that seems a little too soon so I'm hoping the album will come out in the fall followed by a tour in winter and maybe we could actually be comfortable with getting a babysitter by then and go to the show! As most of you know, there is little else in life that makes me happier than a Radiohead concert. I dance, I sing, I stare longingly at's really the perfect evening for me. It's been almost two years since hubby, Cel and I dragged ourselves in the 100 degree desert heat to Coachella just to see them and although the drive and the weather made life slightly miserable, once the sun went down and they started playing "There, There" I was happy as a clam. Even Baby likes their music (evidenced by her jumping around in the belly when we watched a concert on TV) so I think she will understand if mommy and daddy need to sneak away one night to watch them. So here's to hoping that they finish the album by the end of spring and get it out in fall for all to enjoy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weekly Catch-Up

I know I've been a complete slacker when it comes to posting but I have been trying to get everything ready for baby's arrival and let me tell you, there's a ton to do. So let's see, what's been going on?

We watched Arrested Development and were overwhelmed with emotion. We laughed, we cried, it was just lovely. We promptly ran out and bought seasons 1 & 2 on DVD...I can't wait to watch the outtakes!

I finally found nursery bedding I like after 3 attempts, so I am much happier. I went through a little "nesting" obsession last week and had to make everything perfect for baby. Everything has to be color coordinated and in perfect position. Unfortunately the latter is an issue because of the size and layout of the room, but I'm learning to deal with it.

We met with the one and only pediatrician we found close by and who was recommended by a few people and thank god we liked him. He's kind of old...well, he's really old, but I figure we'll hopefully only be here a year or so, so all he needs to do is last that long and we're golden. Did I mention he's Heidi Fleiss' father. And that he delivered Leo DiCaprio and Madonna's children? We are sooooo LA.

I've been feeling really uncomfortable and heavy and just not so great the last couple of days and low and behold I went to the doctor and found out baby has "dropped" and her head is in my pelvis. As my doctor so thoughtfully explained, my pelvis is not used to having a head in it, so it's gonna hurt. Not only that, but it's just going to get worse before it gets better. Oddly I lost a pound from last week to this week even though I feel HUGE. This whole pregnancy thing is very strange.

Speaking of odd pregnancy things, my friend who is due the same day as me had a very bizarre thing happen last week. We were having lunch and as she was telling us a story she all of a sudden lost her words. Now, I have been forgetting words I'm trying to say a ton lately, but she literally lost the ability to say words. She started reading the menu and could not get the words out. It was kind of scary so we took her home and she ended up going to the neurologist the next day. Apparently this is a common thing for pregnant woman...something to do with increased blood flow to the baby and it doesn't go to the brain or something odd like that. She's fine now, but man, it was weird.

Last night was our 5 year "dating" anniversary (it was also Valentine's Day but that is less important) and we celebrated with a fancy meal at a place that required I dress up. Thankfully the one nice dress my parents bought me still fits nicely, even though my belly is twice the size it was the last time I wore it. Anyway, we had a lovely meal and the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever eaten. Afterwards we exchanged gifts and then watched HOUSE. It was a really nice evening and then we realized it was most likely our last fancy meal out for a very long time. Oh well, who needs the calories?

Oh, one more thing. In keeping with the three year rule all of my friends seem to have with regards to living in Los Angeles, my friend Susan may be moving to London for work and leaving me here with exactly one other friend. Now, I love her and want her to be happy but why is it that not one of my friends stays here beyond three years? It’s just so odd. I’m hoping Jenny Porst gets into USC or UCLA and comes here for grad school so I can have her back. Then I’d have two friends…wahoo!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Goodbye Arrested Development, We Love You So

Well, after two and a half years of comic genius, FOX is finally serious about dropping the best damn comedy ever to hit American TV. Our beloved ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is airing its final four episodes tonight and Eric and I will be on our couch laughing uproariously and then probably crying when they do the final "On the next Arrested Development"...because, get it, there may never be a next Arrested Development! It's so nice of FOX to continue its support for the show by putting the final episodes opposite the Olympic Opening Ceremonies while at the same time offering absolutely no advertising to let people know it's actually on (I had to read it on E!Online for God's sake!). Once again, I refer you to DEFAMER'S coverage for a little chuckle on this very sad day.