Friday, May 18, 2007

Long Time, No See

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. So much has gone on but it's all been good and it's too much to write so let's just start new.

I think I will discuss the end of the 06-07 TV season since it was a big rollercoaster ride for me emotionally. My favorite show is gone, my second favorite show was almost gone but thankfully will be back and the rest of the shows have been pretty disappointing. Let's discuss:

GILMORE GIRLS: OK, so it sucked this season. We all know it sucked but I still hoped it would continue into next year. I thought maybe they would have bribed Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, the genius duo who created and ran it for 6 years, to come back and make up for the atrocious job that was done by the new team this year. Well they didn't, and not surprisingly the stars didn't want to come back with such shite writing. So it's over and the last episode, although better than most of the ones this season, was completely anti-climactic and disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I got totally weepy, but I think it was because I thought of all the wonderful moments in years past that made me so happy and I was so sad that I wouldn't get to have that anymore. But we all move on...if I survied the cancellation of MY SO CALLED LIFE I can survive anything.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I didn't want to watch this but Eric made me and boy am I glad that he did. Hands down the best writing on television and just so raw and real. I love this show and am sooooo happy NBC is giving it another chance.

THE OFFICE: It had it's good days and bad days but the finale was great so I will leave the season thinking happy thoughts.

LOST: It has gotten much better over the second half of this season, though this week's episode was another one where nothing really happens and I got a little bored. I know the finale is going to be a "mind blower" as our friend Brian, a writer on the show, has told us, but I'll wait to see it before I say I was really happy with the season.

That's pretty much all I watch now. I occassionally watch UGLY BETTY and it's fine and when I remember I watch ENTOURAGE but it's not appropriate for baby and I go to bed so early I always end up forgetting to watch it. Same with SOPRANOS and THE TUDORS. They are all sitting on my Tivo but I just can't get myself to actually watch them.

On a positive note, the lack of TV interest has brought me back to books. I am almost done with THE SECRET HISTORY and while I got kind of bored mid-way and I kind of just want it to end already, I'm interested enough to stay with it. The same can't be said for the other 2 I have sitting next to my bed waiting to be finished. Things are just boring me so much and I can't take the time to really get into them. When I'm done with HISTORY I'm going to reread Wuthering Heights and then tackle Brothers Karamazov...wish me luck.


Simone said...

Glad to see you're posting again. Your daughter is so cute! Welcome back to the East Coast.

VelvetDe said...

thank you!! i've been reading your blog again now that i have a little more time. your daughter is soooo cute, keep up with all the posting so i know what is going on!