Monday, May 21, 2007

New INTERPOL album coming out July 10th. Wahoo.

Like the new single "Heinrick Maneuver"...not changing the face of music or anything like that but is very much what I've come to love from my guys and makes me jump around to boot. If only they could fix their site and figure out why it keeps closing on me...damn pc-centric websites!

In other happy news, it seems from this photo that Paul has lost much of his alcohol bloat. Sadly I fear he's moved on to another vice that slims you right down, but hey, he looks pretty good regardless. As Lainey would say, me likey!

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Henry said...

Yeah. That white powder diet will slim you right up. I'm looking forward to new Interpol music. It's about time, but I hate songs about shoes. What's with that? Maybe you need a Heimlich Maneuver after chewing on shoe leather. The Secret History is one of my favorite books. Don't give up on it. Try reading Middlesex by the author of The Virgin Suicides.