Monday, June 11, 2007

Good For David Chase

I am so not going to be a hater. I think he did a great job with the Sopranos finale and while I understand why some people are frustrated I think it was a very fitting end to the show. I don't know if Tony got whacked or Meadow got killed or whether they are all just going to enjoy their dinner and live life as they always do, pretending the evil parts of Tony don't exist while at the same time accepting the benefits that come with it. Tony will always lead a life of tension and so perhaps that's just what we were watching, just another day in the life of a mob boss and his family. Regardless, I enjoyed it and the more I watch the last 10 minutes the more I truly appreciate how he left it.

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Simone said...

I agree. I think we are the minority though. I thought it was brilliant! So tense! I believe it made us all feel like Tony will every day of his life-like he has a target on his back and will always be paranoid that he'll be whacked. So sad it's over.