Monday, June 11, 2007


Eric and I were finally able to have a date night thanks to his mother's visit and fantastic baby-sitting skills (no crying from the girl!!!!). We had to see OCEAN'S 13 since it's my Sodie and I try to support him whenever possible. I will admit that I am one of the only people who actually liked OCEAN'S 12 so I was very optimistic about the third one. Unfortunately I was supremely disappointed. I can usually forgive my man anything but OH. MY. GOD. IT. WAS. SO. BAD. Bad writing, bad acting, a waste of talented people and it was just so haphazardly put together. I think there were maybe 2 funny lines in the whole thing and they were given to Casey and Scott. WTF??? Sodie has clearly lost his mojo and I blame Jules Asner. Being married to an entertainment reporter would drain even the most talented person of their creativity. I vote for a speedy divorce and a new breakthrough a la OUT OF SIGHT.

After we got over the shock at how awful the movie was we got ourselves to a new Bistro in town that was super good. Yummy tapas and sea bass followed by an ill-advised trip to Dairy Queen that produced heartburn that was still with me this morning.
Thank God the Sopranos finale redeemed the night (more on that later).

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