Sunday, September 30, 2007


So I used to visit the Radiohead blog constantly and then all of a sudden they stopped posting, presumably to finish their album which had been in the works for over a year. So anyway, I randomly went on today and boom, jonny posted just this evening that they finished the album and are selling it on their site! You can pre-order it and will be able to download next week and get a hard copy in December. Being the fanatics that we are, Eric and I ordered the hard copy for $80 but justified it because a) you get the download and b) it comes with lots of cool stuff. We did find it difficult to order and had to use our debit card because it wasn't taking our credit, but I finally got it to work and we will have the new album downloaded on October 7th.

You too can pre-order by clicking the "those crazy guys from oxford" link on your right. I'm assuming they are self releasing so everyone should support their efforts and buy it straight from the site. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT illegally download it. That's just all kinds of wrong. Oh Thom, once again you've made my day.

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