Sunday, September 30, 2007


Since people keep forgetting how to get to Rory's site, I'll post it here again. It's a bit tricky and for some reason won't work if you try to get there from a saved bookmark. It may not even work witha link so please type in I've put up some new photos of our girl frolicking on the beach today with Daddy while Mommy was in the city. And yes, I am aware of the fact that she is dressed exactly like me.

In addition, I'm trying to add a picture to this post and it's not working, so I apologize. If you go to her site you can see lots of them!


Simone said...

Wow I LOVE your photo site. She is such a gorgeous baby!

VelvetDe said...

thank you! i can't really take credit for the site, that was all my husband, but i will take credit for the gorgeous girl! i can't wait for sophie and rory to meet!