Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hubby downloaded it today and though I had heard most if not all of the songs before, I am still shocked at how beautiful a record they created. I will confess that the last half is my favorite, most likely because it goes into the more atmospheric songs that I tend to love but Rory prefers the first few songs since she was dancing to them with utter glee. My favorite thus far is Videotape, which I believe they played in LA or at least I have it on a bootleg from one of the '06 concerts and have always liked it but I can say it is even more beautiful on the album. I must give it a few more listens to give a true response but my first gut instinct is that it's better than HTTT but not quite up to OK COMPUTER. But we'll see, I tend to change my mind after about a week of obsessive listening.

FYI-the image above was taken from their website, I don't own it and hope they don't get annoyed that I'm using it!

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