Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Even More Good News

I think Hubby actually mentioned this to me last week but it didn't register until I read Simone’s Blog and there they were...the dates for the summer Cure tour. MSG the day after I have to be in Brooklyn for a wedding...hhhhmmmmm...this could possibly work. Who wants to babysit??????


The problem with having a baby and not having a baby-sitter is that you never get to go to the movies and see films when they are actually still in theaters. Thus the reason I just saw Todd Field's masterful LITTLE CHILDREN. Eric and I were expecting a super depressing story but were pleasantly surprised to find it's actually quite witty and almost fun (though to be fair, there is some heavy stuff going on and it can be quite emotional at times). I was a huge fan of IN THE BEDROOM but I know it's not exactly a crowd pleaser, and make no mistake, this isn't really a particularly commercial film either, but it is pitch perfect from the script to the directing to the fantastic acting. My only issue is that I feel he rushed the ending a bit, but it didn't ruin the experience for me and I absolutely recommend it.

And can I just say that I LOVE Kate Winslet. Love her. How is it that she hasn't won an Oscar yet when she has made all the right acting choices and is always completely amazing? The world is an unfair place.


Hubby just informed me that there will be a Verve Reunion in the near future!!! I was a bit skeptical seeing as the source is just a blogger like me, however another friend heard about it so I'm optimistic it is real. No US dates for the shows but they are apparently working on an album and that is certainly good news. As P and I have discussed, we love us some Richard Ashcroft but he is infinitely better with the whole band than as a solo artist. Now if only Morrissey and Mars could patch things up...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Good For David Chase

I am so not going to be a hater. I think he did a great job with the Sopranos finale and while I understand why some people are frustrated I think it was a very fitting end to the show. I don't know if Tony got whacked or Meadow got killed or whether they are all just going to enjoy their dinner and live life as they always do, pretending the evil parts of Tony don't exist while at the same time accepting the benefits that come with it. Tony will always lead a life of tension and so perhaps that's just what we were watching, just another day in the life of a mob boss and his family. Regardless, I enjoyed it and the more I watch the last 10 minutes the more I truly appreciate how he left it.


Eric and I were finally able to have a date night thanks to his mother's visit and fantastic baby-sitting skills (no crying from the girl!!!!). We had to see OCEAN'S 13 since it's my Sodie and I try to support him whenever possible. I will admit that I am one of the only people who actually liked OCEAN'S 12 so I was very optimistic about the third one. Unfortunately I was supremely disappointed. I can usually forgive my man anything but OH. MY. GOD. IT. WAS. SO. BAD. Bad writing, bad acting, a waste of talented people and it was just so haphazardly put together. I think there were maybe 2 funny lines in the whole thing and they were given to Casey and Scott. WTF??? Sodie has clearly lost his mojo and I blame Jules Asner. Being married to an entertainment reporter would drain even the most talented person of their creativity. I vote for a speedy divorce and a new breakthrough a la OUT OF SIGHT.

After we got over the shock at how awful the movie was we got ourselves to a new Bistro in town that was super good. Yummy tapas and sea bass followed by an ill-advised trip to Dairy Queen that produced heartburn that was still with me this morning.
Thank God the Sopranos finale redeemed the night (more on that later).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Welcome to the big 3-4 Celvyn!!!! It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated your 20th at Chuck-E-Cheese, but alas, we are now old and unable to spend our evenings at weird chain restaurants with both pizza AND games. Genius.

Anyway, I hope you have a very happy day and enjoy the last year before you officially enter your mid-thirties.

Cougars. COUGARS!