Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall Movies

It is finally my favorite time of year...pretty leaves, turtlenecks and the Fall Movie Season! I wasn't able to see too many films last year but I'm doing pretty well this time around and have seen 4 movies so far. It all started with 3:10 TO YUMA which, despite having a bit of a hack director, was very well done. I admit that the Christian Bale element probably swayed me, but in general it was very entertaining. Then came INTO THE WILD which I reviewed in an earlier post. After that we were able to see MICHAEL CLAYTON (entertaining and well done but it clearly wants to be very "important" and really isn't) and GONE BABY GONE (heart wrenching but really impressive for a first time director). I still need to see LUST, CAUTION, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, CONTROL and ELIZABETH not to mention all the others that will be coming out in the next few months. My head hurts just thinking about it but I will do my best to see as many as possible. Now I just need to find a babysitter!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hubby downloaded it today and though I had heard most if not all of the songs before, I am still shocked at how beautiful a record they created. I will confess that the last half is my favorite, most likely because it goes into the more atmospheric songs that I tend to love but Rory prefers the first few songs since she was dancing to them with utter glee. My favorite thus far is Videotape, which I believe they played in LA or at least I have it on a bootleg from one of the '06 concerts and have always liked it but I can say it is even more beautiful on the album. I must give it a few more listens to give a true response but my first gut instinct is that it's better than HTTT but not quite up to OK COMPUTER. But we'll see, I tend to change my mind after about a week of obsessive listening.

FYI-the image above was taken from their website, I don't own it and hope they don't get annoyed that I'm using it!