Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goodbye Ennis del Mar

I'm not sure what there really is to say, except that everyone I know, all of us jaded film people from New York, are truly heartbroken about Heath Ledger's death. He was incredibly talented and it is shocking that someone so young and so gifted would end his life so soon. As readers of my blog know, I was once someone who appreciated his work but not him as a person until he did one little but significant thing for me...held a door open while I was pregnant when he could have easily just let the door close behind him. It made me smile to think a person who appeared so often times surly and above it all to be a gentleman. Anyway, I will remember him most for that but also for his beautiful performance in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and I am truly sad that there is only one more film that I will be able to see him in.

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